Return to effort: Kurage rehabilitation.

Return to exercise on a bike or rowing machine is used daily in post-stroke rehabilitation programmes. By adding functional electrostimulation of the muscles during ergometer training, the effects on walking, motor strength and balance are amplified.


NeuroSkin: the universal neuroprosthesis


Allows for the monitoring of the activity’s progress.

  • Deep Learning and classification of user models
  • Customisation of rehabilitation protocols
  • Individualisation of patients

Management of movement patterns:

  • Cycling, rowing, walking activities (FES activation)
  • Peripheral and deep muscles
  • Slow and fast fibres

Control of muscle command in cobotics:

  • Detection of movement intention bio-electrical signal
  • Work on brain plasticity
  • Embedded controller: interfacing system for all Neuroskin functions
  • Stimulation: “SEF” system. The stimulator causes contractions of paralysed muscles > up to 8 muscles per leg

Allows to control the good progress of the activity.

On-board programs:

  • Post-stroke
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Elderly person
  • Themes: Strengthening, etc.

Reproduces the functioning of the sensory and motor nervous system.

Monitoring :

  • Brain activity (EEG) via headphones
  • Muscle activity (EMG)
  • Muscle fatigue (EMG)
  • Position of limbs in space (IMU)
  • Movement speed (IMU)
  • Pressure and force on the ground (pressure sensors)

Rehabilitation exercise on ergometer

rameur Kurage

Kurage's electrostimulated rowing machine

Therapeutic interests :

  • Increase in maximal aerobic capacity (VO2max)
  • Improvement of bone density
  • Improvement of the maximum force produced by the muscles (lower and upper limbs)
  • Decrease in the degree of spasticity
velo kurage

Kurage's electrostimulation bike

Therapeutic interests :

Improvement of muscular strength
Improvement of the motor functions of the lower limbs
Acceleration of the return to mobility (walking)

At the end of several exercise sessions on an ergometer, depending on the patient’s progress and ability to regain mobility, the treatment programme integrates our walking assistance system.

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On the programme:

  • Use of the solution on a practitioner
  • Demonstration on a volunteer patient
  • Explanation of our technology
  • Therapeutic benefits
  • Accompanied pathologies


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