Kurage brings back mobility to those who lost it.

Our solutions allow rehabilitation through physical activity when the motor functions of the brain are failing.

NeuroSkin Kurage

An innovative company driven by the desire to move forward

Thanks to its innovative technique of functional electrical stimulation, Kurage emphasizes the abilities of people who practise physical activity.


Replicate neuromuscular control functions to perform physical activities.


Enable anyone to adopt a daily, fun and motivating sportive activity with full autonomy.


Work for an inclusive world, where science and innovation are at the service of well-being and reduce the impact of disabilities.

A clear vision of inclusion

As one of our main values, inclusion is at the heart of all of our actions. The very conception of our products is guided by a precise management of inclusive design, in partnership with APF France handicap.

We want to make sport a global tool for well-being in general. Whether it is physical, mental or social wellness.

Kurage unlocks everyone’s athletic abilities and believes in the power of little victories!


Sensorimotor loop dysfunction of a PRM

After leaving the rehabilitation center, persons with a neuromotor disorder have a hard time maintaining a regular physical activity.

For example, in the case of medullar injuries, the link between the muscles and the brain is disconnected at the spinal cord level. The signal ordering muscular contraction cannot be transmitted anymore.

Electrical muscle stimulation can artificially recreate this signal.

It is this technique that makes our solution suitable for people with disabilities.


Our innovative functional electrical stimulation solution

NeuroSkin is a neuroprosthesis that looks like a second skin, equipped with sensors as well as neuromuscular electrical stimulation electrodes, driven by an artificial intelligence capable of reproducing functional movements in a personalized and secure way in order to compensate for deficiencies in users’ sensorimotor loop.

Discover our innovative solution, designed to guarantee you movement and physical activity adapted to your goals.

Have any questions?

Why is physical activity important? 

Physical exercise is a vital necessity. It helps to maintain both physical and moral health.

Who are our products for?

  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Paralympic Sports Federations

What is functional electrical stimulation?

Electrodes placed on the surface of the skin send low-intensity electrical impulses which, by stimulating the motor nerves, will trigger muscle contractions. By soliciting different muscle groups following a precise sequence, it is then possible to safely recreate a controlled functional movement.

What are the benefits of electrical stimulation? 

    The use of electrical stimulation has many health benefits as it helps fighting against secondary diseases related to immobility:

    • Bedsores
    • Bone demineralization
    • Blood circulation disorders
    • Loss of muscle mass
    • Spasticity


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