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Our product is a neuroprosthesis using functional electrical muscle stimulation. This replaces the motor control of the central nervous system.

Kurage puts innovation at the service of the medical field, well-being and sport.

Our expertise: automation and personalisation

We have developed a systematic method to determine the parameters of muscle contractions in a reproducible and automated way. 

In order to process the data generated by our system in the most intelligent way possible, we faced many challenges. Among these challenges, we have broken down two barriers that now constitute the essence of our expertise.

These are the automation and customisation of muscle stimulation sequences. This method allows us to increase the power generated by the user during exercise by up to 30% compared to classic activation sequences.


NeuroSkin: the universal neuroprosthesis

Our solution is based on an Artificial Intelligence operating system that reproduces and then increases the capacities of the central nervous system (CNS), in order to give back to the body its ability to move, through a second skin via electrical muscle stimulation.

Valued in 2020 by the Deep Tech label of BPI, as well as by the French Tech Emergence grant, then by the i-Lab 2021 competition and finally the European DIH Hero 2021 competition.

NeuroSkin Kurage

Kurage functional electrical stimulation

Electrodes placed on the surface of the skin send low-intensity electrical impulses which, by stimulating the motor nerves, trigger muscle contractions.

In this way, by using different muscle groups according to a precise muscle selectivity sequence, we can recreate a functional movement in a controlled and safe way.

We have thus reproduced the brain’s intelligence in its ability to move an individual with precision, efficiency and performance. This intelligence is encapsulated in the Neurostim Kurage.

Our approach allows us to lift the barriers of muscular neurostimulation, thanks to:

  • Its ability to define personalised muscle contraction sequences producing a precise functional movement (pedalling, rowing, gripping, walking…)
  • Its ability to limit peripheral muscle fatigue in real time and to solicit deep muscles, in order to extend the duration of the exercise in complete safety and thus increase the physiological benefits. 

Impairment of the sensorimotor loop of a PRM

After leaving the rehabilitation centre, people with neurological motor disabilities struggle to maintain regular physical activity.  

In the case of spinal cord injuries, for example, the connection between the muscles and the brain is broken in the spinal cord. As such, the signal ordering muscle contraction can therefore no longer flow.

Electrical muscle stimulation makes it possible to recreate this signal artificially.

It is this technique that makes our solution suitable for people with disabilities.

sensorimotor loop

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