Who can benefit from our solutions?

Kurage works every day to make its services and products available to as many people as possible. To date, these are the types of people who can benefit from the fruits of this work.

Impairment of the sensorimotor loop of a PRM

After leaving the rehabilitation centre, people with neurological motor disabilities struggle to maintain regular physical activity.  

In the case of spinal cord injuries, for example, the connection between the muscles and the brain is broken in the spinal cord. As such, the signal ordering muscle contraction can therefore no longer flow.

Electrical muscle stimulation makes it possible to recreate this signal artificially.

It is this technique that makes our solution suitable for people with disabilities.


Rehabilitation centres

For people whose mobility is temporarily reduced, our solution complements rehabilitation work. 

Reduces the risk of :
– Fall
– Fracture
– Loss of functional capacity

The benefits of sport

If each type of person is different, our products are adapted to your needs

From a medical point of view

  • Restores damaged motor functions
  • Trains the central nervous system to control the muscles itself
  • Prevents secondary diseases caused by paralysis
  • Reduces spasticity
  • Improves coordination of the extremities
  • Promotes circulation and metabolism
  • Increases blood circulation

From a user point of view

  • Promotes well-being
  • Improves physical and psychological health
  • Restores self-esteem
  • Increases muscle volume and promotes an aesthetic shape
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Prevents anxiety, depression and isolation
  • Facilitates the process of social reintegration

Kurage reveals one’s sporting abilities

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