Walking rehabilitation: the Kurage assistive device.

Our solutions enable rehabilitation through physical activity when the brain’s motor functions fail.


The Kurage walking assistance device

NeuroSkin is a neuroprohesis that uses functional neuromuscular control to rehabilitate the central nervous system of neuro injured people. It is a gait rehabilitation tool that incorporates functional electrical stimulation (FES), an established method of electrotherapy that allows functional movement of limbs weakened by disease or injury.

To achieve this, NeuroSkin consists of :

  • A smart, lightweight backpack , containing the heart of the solution, the Stimbox,
  • Easy to put on leggings equipped with innovative electrode and sensor networks,
  • Intelligent insoles   allowing both real-time acquisition of patient data and electrostimulation of the muscles.

NeuroSkin Kurage

Focus on the components of our NeuroSkin


Smart backpack

Muscle contraction control and management system:

  • On-board controller: interfacing of all NeuroSkin functions
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES): stimulator causes contractions of paralysed muscles > up to 8 muscles per leg

Technical data:
(LxWxH) 55 x 37 x 33 cm / 1 300 g


Smart garment

Able to reproduce all the biomechanical functions of the entire muscle chain: :

  • 12 muscle groups
  • Motion capture: 7 segments measured
  • Muscle fatigue: 2 groups measured

Technical data:
Men’s / Women’s sizes from M to XL


Smart soles

Capable of reproducing all the biomechanical functions of the foot without disturbing the dynamics of movement. The different pressure sensors allow the collection of data such as:

  • Visualisation of the gait
  • Gait acquisition parameters (cadence, percentage of stance and air phase, …)

Technical data:
Sizes 39 to 44

+ Easy to use
+ Customised to the individual and his or her pathology
+ Adapted exercises
+ e-health platform for curative care follow-up

Gait rehabilitation by pathology

1 Kurage

Hemiplegia (post-stroke)

Multiple sclerosis

Parkinson's disease


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On the programme :

  • Use of the solution on a practitioner
  • Demonstration on a volunteer patient
  • Explanation of our technology
  • Therapeutic benefits
  • Accompanied pathologies


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