The Kurage Solution

Solutions that are part of the patient care pathway.


Kurage products for a complete and playful rehabilitation programme


Software & data processing

Our two applications combined make it possible to diagnose, control and monitor patient’s rehabilitation.

  • Neuromuscular monitoring app
  • E-health app for physiological patient monitoring
Assistance Marche

Walking assistance system

Our NeuroSkin neuroprosthesis is a walking rehabilitation tool.

It uses functional neuromuscular control to replace the central nervous system of neuro injured people. 


Exercise feedback system

Our solution, which can be adapted to bikes and rowing machines, allows an increased return to physical activity.

Functional electrostimulation, coupled with the bicycle or rowing machine ergometer, amplifies the benefits on motor strength, balance and walking.

The care pathway of a neuro-injured patient

80% of people who become hemiplegic as a result of a stroke can regain the use of their paralysed limb and walking function within the first six weeks. 

Care in rehabilitation centres

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We travel throughout Europe

On the programme:


  • Use of the solution on a practitioner
  • Demonstration on a volunteer patient
  • Explanation of our technology
  • Therapeutic benefits
  • Accompanied pathologies


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