Electrostimulation for well-being.

Because well-being doesn’t wait, Kurage offers you its Werize range. A solution and a sport programme adapted to people whose mobility is temporarily or partially reduced.

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Our electrostimulation offer in the well-being range

To provide a return to mobility and physiological benefits close to the muscular control of the central nervous system.


Functional electrostimulation kit

  • Neuromuscular control application
  • Stimbox: the heart of the solution, able to reproduce the functions of the human brain

Customised and personalised training programme

  • Adapted to the personality and sporting ability of each individual
  • 5 programmes included
  • 20+ programmes via subscription

Integrated technology in Concept 2 rowing machines & Technogym bikes

We are integrating our technology into the robust and reliable Concept 2 rowing machines to enhance their capabilities and create the ultimate adaptive exercise experience.

+ Easy to use
+ Customised to the individual and their objectives
+ Adapted exercises


User testimonials

Right away, I feel the benefits of sport, I enjoy feeling the fatigue. It really did me good.

I come twice a week to the gym. It’s great fun to see yourself moving, to feel the effect it has on your body.

I really feel fitter and it has an effect on my moral.


36 years old, Paraplegic

Thanks to the rowing machine, not only have my thighs become more shapely, but I’m also in top physical condition.

Moreover, for the first time since I have been in a wheelchair, I have experienced again that intoxicating feeling of going beyond myself that I cannot achieve in my other activities.


37 years old, Paraplegic

The programme was a revelation for me.

For the first time, I discovered the beautiful sensation of sweating under effort.

I was reassured by the motivating vision of my body being transformed by weight training, and above all, the facilitation of my walking and many other daily activities.


39 years old, Cerebral Palsy

Our innovative solution

After leaving the rehabilitation centre, people with neurological motor disabilities struggle to maintain regular physical activity. 

In the case of spinal cord injuries, for example, the connection between the muscles and the brain is broken in the spinal cord. As such, the signal ordering muscle contraction can therefore no longer flow.

Electrical muscle stimulation makes it possible to recreate this signal artificially.

This technique makes it possible to make our bike suitable for people with disabilities.

Electrodes placed on the surface of the skin send low-intensity electrical impulses which, by stimulating the motor nerves, trigger muscle contractions..

By stimulating different muscle groups according to a precise muscle selectivity sequence, it is possible to recreate a functional movement in a controlled and safe way. For example, in the case of rowing or adapted cycling for people with disabilities: lifting the feet, cycling, rowing.

This technique allows the implementation of rehabilitation therapies that are both effective and engaging.

Kurage reveals one’s sporting abilities.


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