Our solutions for your paralympic athletes

Kurage offers athletes a sports experience that is both optimal and innovative. 

+ muscle mass density
+ angular power when running
+ functional stability under high levels of effort

Nathalie Benoit Kurage

Paralympic Athletes

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) training is an effective and safe method to optimize physical and biomechanical performance.

The use of FES during exercises intensifies muscle tension at the most appropriate phases of movement.

It stimulates so far unmobilized deep muscle fibers, to reinforce movements..

Fitness Trainers

Professional tool made available to coaches and fitness trainers to optimize training, by diversifying muscle and fiber work..

Randomly activating muscle fibers with Kurage helps reach higher levels of intensity from the very beginning of a session.

The quality of your coaching, reinforced by Kurage artificial intelligence and professional electrical stimulation.

We’re almost as obsessed as you are

by your performance!


muscle strength, speed, power output


equivalent in distance travelled on a Kurage product


muscle mass density, explosive strength, functional stability in high intensity effort

*Results obtained after 3 months of training at the rate of 2 sessions per week on a sample of people.

Products using functional electrical muscle stimulation


Rehabilitation Range

Our innovative solution  rehabilitates  the natural neuromuscular control system.

  • Hepha Bike
  • Hepha Rower


Re-Athletization Range

Our innovative solution readjusts  the natural neuromuscular control system.

  • Werize Bike
  • Werize Rower

Paralympic Range

Our solution supports  the natural neuromuscular control system.

  • Shango Bike
  • Shango Rower

Kurage reveals everyone’s athletic abilities


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