Electrostimulation for sport.

Kurage connects you to sports performance. We put new functional electrostimulation technologies at the service of success.

Our system allows Paralympic athletes to improve the efficiency of their movement in their sport through electrostimulation.

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Our electrostimulation offer in the Paralympic range

This is the only solution that brings the practices of high-level competition and the medical field within everyone’s reach.


Functional electrostimulation kit

  • Neuromuscular steering application
  • Pedals with real time measurement of the force exerted by the pilot
  • Stimbox: the heart of the solution, able to reproduce the functions of the human brain

Customised and personalised training programme

  • Adapted to the personality and sporting ability of each individual
  • 5 programmes included
  • 20+ programmes linking sport and electrostimulation via subscription
rameur shango

Integrated technology in professional rowing machines

We integrate our technology into robust and reliable rowing machines to enhance their capabilities and create the ultimate performance experience.

+ Easy to use
+ Customised to the individual and their goals
+ Active and global exercises

User testimonials

Whether they are top athletes or sports coaches, they approve of the combination of sport and electrostimulation in their quest for performance. After several months of testing the Shango Bike by Kurage solution, they testify to the benefits they have experienced.

In cycling, there is a lot of technology to quantify, measure, optimise. We are really looking for “marginal gains”. Kurage fits exactly into this dynamic.

An innovative concept, which improves the physical condition of sportsmen and women in a short space of time. It’s great! One athlete even told me: “What really catches our attention is that after 30 minutes of riding the Kurage bike, we have the same feeling of muscular fatigue as after a 4-hour ride on the road”.

Paul Herman

Coach of the athletes of the SCO Dijon

What matters to us is to find the most effective training for our rowers who can be selected for the French team.

The Kurage programme particularly appealed to us because of its innovation, the efficiency it offers and the complementarity it provides to the training for our rowers.

Pauline Kozak

Coach sportif, Cercle de l'Aviron de Lyon

Our sporting careers as skiers have led us to try various physical preparation techniques. The new Kurage electrostimulation method seemed innovative and interesting to us, so we were immediately seduced by the idea of testing this programme and discovering its benefits.

The programme is now underway and this experience will provide us with new assets to share with our young athletes as well as with our amateur sportsmen and women through the courses offered at Zecamp.

Robin Duvillard

Olympic athlete, Cross-country skiing

Products using functional electrical muscle stimulation


Rehabilitation Range

Our innovative solution  rehabilitates  the natural neuromuscular control system.

  • Hepha Bike
  • Hepha Rower


Re-Athletization Range

Our innovative solution readjusts  the natural neuromuscular control system.

  • Werize Bike
  • Werize Rower

Paralympic Range

Our solution supports  the natural neuromuscular control system.

  • Shango Bike
  • Shango Rower

Kurage reveals one’s sporting abilities.


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