Our solutions for medico-social structures

Kurage works every day to make its services and products as easy to use as possible in order to make the practice independent.

Our fitness programmes are designed by expert coaches who will guide you through the use of the solution. 


People with multiple sclerosis

Regular sports activity allows MS patients to reduce fatigue and chronic exhaustion, and to reduce risks such as circulatory disorders, fractures and osteoporosis.

Our solution rehabilitates and supports the natural neuromuscular control system.

People with Parkinson's disease

Our solution has a positive impact on motor deficiencies related to the disease, such as balance, walking and general motor skills. But also non-motor signs such as sleep, cognition or mood.

Our solution rehabilitates and supports the natural neuromuscular control system.


Positively influence the ageing process. Regular movement improves mobility, home maintenance and overall well-being.  

Our product and services maintain the control capacity of the natural neuromuscular system.

Kurage, the only solution that makes

sport within everyone’s reach

Our sports solutions and programmes are based on the recommendations of a team of passionate experts .They are Physical Doctors in rehabilitation or Master Coach in re-athletisation.

Kurage offers the best adapted exercise solutions for people who are far from sport. Efficient products that enable the implementation of a re-athletisation programme via various training sessions.

These workouts promote:

  • Endurance
  • Balance
  • Strength

Kurage gives you the opportunity to easily achieve adapted sports objectives that give you confidence in your movements and self-esteem.

Rediscover the sensations, the benefits

and the conviviality of physical activity

The regular practice of an adapted sport activity allows in particular to:

  • Preserve cognitive function
  • Postpone the deadline for drug treatments
  • To slow down the process of weakening
  • Promote general mood and well-being
  • Prevent anxiety, depression and isolation

Kurage gives back mobility to those who have partially lost it


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